A Private Board Gaming Society

The League of Adventurous Gentlemen is a private Board Gaming Society in Basel, Switzerland.

We are a band of dauntless gentlemen exploring new worlds, seeking out new adventures while relishing a fine bottled spirit. Bound by true friendship we role dice, fight ruthless battles and celebrate the purest essence of creativity – our beloved board games.

Marc, host & founder

Interested in joining us?

Although we are a strictly private society, we do accept at times new members into our holy brotherhood of meeple hunters.

Gentlemen recruiting

Learn more about our selective recruiting process and how you can get in touch with us.

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Want us to test your game?

Being passioned gamers and curious by nature, we would love to explore your godly creation and give it a roll in our Board Room.

Contact us

Lets discuss how we gamely can take on the challenge of testing and reviewing your newest offspring of creativity.

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Upcoming Game Nights

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Our Sanctuary of eternal happiness

Deep in the ground, sheltered from daily grayscale bothersome vanities, lies our precious sanctuary of happiness – our Board Room. As a staging area for many adventures to come, it provides us with the means to celebrate our dearest hobby.



A constant growing library full of shiny and addictive board games are waiting on the shelf to set sail for the next immersive adventure.


Board Room

A dedicated hideaway full with meeple-galore goodies and a glorious centerpiece – our Phalanx board game table by Rathskellers.



Our brotherhood, the inner circle, the very brick and mortar on which all adventures unfold their stories upon – meet the Gentlemen.

Adventure Library

Our shelf hosts an ever increasing collection of wonderful board and card games. From dice rollers, worker placers or card drafting heaven – we got them all. We play from simple to heavy games – as the mood of the Gentlemen dictates. Have a look on what is on the shelf, what is coming soon or what is on the Gentlemen’s Wishlist. Read more

Board Games



New on the Adventure Shelf


Board Room

Our cozy hideaway, home and boarding jetty of many adventures, is fully dedicated to our dearest hobby – playing board games. Our beautiful Phalanx table by Rathskellers is the crown jewel, a junky piece of art right in the middle of the of the epicenter. Read more