board room

Deep in the ground, sheltered from daily grayscale bothersome vanities, lies our precious sanctuary of happiness – our Board Room. As a staging area for many adventures to come, it provides us with the means to celebrate our dearest hobby. A dedicated hideaway full with meeple-galore goodies, well aged and bottled spirits and a glorious centerpiece – our Phalanx board game table by Rathskellers. The Board Room has even its own tangy scent, there is weathered leather with a light fragrance of smokey tobacco omnipresent in the air (although it is non-smoking lol) – it is a Gentlemen retreat through and through.


the table

Made from the strongest European oak, our custom made table is the sparkling centerpiece of our Board Room. Built-in Dicetowers, a railing-system holding the cards while you relish a good Single Malt, fitting nicely in the custom-sized cup holders.


the adventures

A big and sturdy shelf is hosting an ever growing collection of beautiful board- and card games. From easy to heavy, from deck building to area control. For every taste there is the right adventure. Discover the Adventures.


the spirits

For every adventure the perfect companion; our collection of Single Malts is steadily growing and depleting even faster. An 18y old spirit released from its cask is the prefect addition to our wonderful analog experience.