The story

Playing board games has some very strong positive psychological effects. It lets you bond to other people lightening fast. It comfortably frames a social interaction. It lets you escape the daily digital routine and opens up new worlds full of colorful and analog memories. It slows down our hectic world around us, while you enter a state of flow; a momentum of deep happiness.

As my son loves penguin and my wife sometimes teases me by calling me a penguin (apparently I tend to walk like one) - this friendly mammal with his noble and caring behavior has a special place in our life. Hence the idea for a penguin as our leading symbol for our private boardgaming society.
The logo and artwork of The League of Adventurous Gentlemen was designed by Guila Ghigini, a very talented board game artist.

The founding spirit of The League of Adventurous Gentlemen was to find like-minded people, unite them around the table and enjoy together as friends our dearest hobby - board games.

The code

Sharing this great experience together is a gift which should be well taken care of. As a Gentlemen defines himself by his good manners, we have a simple code which we follow.

This code of friendship is the basis for our Game Nights and lets us experience our dearest hobby in good spirits.

  • Have fun

    The main reason for playing games is about the flow of joy and experiencing something togehter; it is not (only) about winning.

  • Be nice

    Respect the feelings of others, have patience with newbies, don’t break the game flow (e.g. with your mobile), don’t let others down by not showing up.

  • Always try to win

    No contradiction here. Even if you think you are loosing, keep the winning spirit up to make the game fun for all participants.

  • No China Shop Bulls

    Our Board Room was designed with a lot of love and passion. Please take care of the games and the interior.

  • Be a Guest

    You are a guest so behave like one; you are not asked to bring or pay anything; if you feel like a donation, check the Adventure Wishlist.



You received the personal invitation card „THE CALL“? Lucky you! Follow the registration path down the rabbit hole. See you on the other side.


become a Gentlemen

Although we are a strictly private society, we do accept at times new members into our holy brotherhood of meeple hunters. Normally existing members suggest new members. However, please feel free to contact us, tell us a little about you and why you would like to join us.


Game reviews

Being passioned gamers and curious by nature, we would love to explore your godly creation and give it a roll in our Board Room. Lets discuss how we gamely can take on the challenge of testing and reviewing your newest offspring of creativity.